Monday, April 7, 2008

How to Build up your Self Confidence

Have you ever felt nervous when talking to a stranger or a crowd? I believe more or less you have. One of the main causes is lack of confidence. The real challenge is how to boost your self-confidence for important circumstances such as when you will present your research paper, defend your thesis, go for a job interview or give a business presentation.
You may have prepared such items as a new suit, a brand-new belt, sufficient material, etc.
However, you may forget to prepare one critical thing that mainly contributes to your success: MINDSET.
How can a great-looking guy be well assessed while his mental attitude doesn’t go along with his appearance? What this is saying is what you haven’t prepared to be self-confident enough to “please” your audience. The good news is that this attribute can be practiced and developed with these simple steps:

1-Focus on what you want

This is what most of us neglect. While preparing for our turn, we spend time thinking of the negative things you may end up doing. Don’t worry about how people would react. They will judge you by the way you express yourself and keep positive about who you are.

2-Visualize your self succeeding

After taking three deep breaths, picture yourself with positive results. Everybody congratulating you. You handle all the questions asked by your audience. Usually this visualization brings on a smile, triggering our positive expectations.

3-Use alert signs

Psychologists affirm that, like animals, human beings are conditioned with some behaviors. For example, whenever you bring a dog a dish with food, your pet will look at the dish and salivate. De it again without food, the dog will keep mouthwatering at you dish! Why not do this with yourself? Try to use any sign meaning your self-confidence, like holding your hand tight or crossing your fingers.

4-Repeat positive autosuggestions

This technique is the easiest. Still, like other techniques, it needs exercising. Now try to say all these sentences and feel how they power you up:

-I am confident

-I can do it

-I am successful student/candidate/employee/businessperson

-I am enjoying brilliant results...

Don't just say or do it once; repeat it until you feel energy coming from inside you. Your own mind can be prepared like other items and even developed to its fullest by exercises or training.

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mahjob said...

This sounds good but is this enough to face the audience especialy if you 're not stronge enough in the eye contact; because some people are shy for example when they find sb stranger in the audience.