Friday, April 4, 2008

Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Technology

From day to day, our world has been changed gradually form one condition to another. The revolution of new ideas always comes up to the minds of every person, especially the idea to improve technology which people need to make the living better. As the result, modern technology has been bringing people certain advantages such as ways for fast communication, the improvement of traveling, and good health care medical treatment. However, loneliness, world destruction weapons, pollution, and sameness of lifestyle are brought by modern technology, too.
For the plus side, we can get the fast ways of communication through modern technology, without it everything will be the same. Nowadays, people can get hot news from any parts of the world very quickly by using E-mail and Internet. Moreover, telephone-local or/and oversea is playing a key role for people to communicate to with each other.
Next, modern technology brings us the convenience of traveling form one place to the other faster than before. Now, we have aircraft that can make journey shorter, for example, before if you wanted to go to France (form Cambodia), you could not go by train or plane. But now people spend only 10 hours to travel from, Cambodia to France by direct flight these days. So, all transportation means invented with the support of technology really brings people easiness
of traveling.
Moreover, medical treatment has been going well for a long period of time with the help of modern technology. These days, most of the hospitals are using modern technology as the assistance for the operation, for example. Some doctors use new machines to produce medicine which effectively cures people and prolongs the life expectancy around the world. In addition, the discovery of x-ray enables doctors to treat some kinds of diseases.
However, modern technology doesn't automatically bring the good things but some bad points. The booming of industrialization and development causes pollution to our world. For example, the smoke for all kinds of vehicles affects the air, especially ozone layer. As the result, people suffer illness like cancers.
Next, some people use modern technology to create the negative things of the mankind. They create world destruction weapons such as nuclear and atomic bombs. These weapons cause a huge ruin for human beings if we use them in the wrong ways/ For example, the terrorists use grenades to attack honest people who have different tendency from their groups.
Furthermore, modern technology brings loneliness to old people in some countries. In England, old people are left at the government homes that make them feel isolated from their off-springs. This is because.their sons and daughters are busy with their
works in new world and forget them.
Last, sameness of lifestyle becomes to the mind of all people. Before people had different cultures and traditions like the way wearing the clothes or building. But people, now tend to build the same models of house and wear the same fashion of clothes.
To conclude, although modern technology brings us some goods benefits, it also gives a lot of bad results. So, to make our world prosperous, we should use the modern technology in the good ways and find the effective solutions to the bad result.


ann said...
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ann said...

its very effective for students wanting old time as we miss alot of things

Mrunal said...

does modern lifestyle destroy family institution??

jay said...

is there any effect on our culture ?

Saiful Islam said...

i think the using of modern technology is not bad, but it depends to the user if he/she used it in a bad thing like author said to his article.

George nyangwono said...

it has made people lazy, suppose yuo ask some one who is more dependant on computers or calculators a simple calculation he/she cannot answer this has a strongly affected the students

Rochelle Ragmac said...

BIG Help for the students like me. :)

Jason Norin said...

As a business broadband in Australia user, I use technology responsibly in order for me to generate positive results out of it.

Steff Chix said...

May i Kno who is the person who wrote this? :) just for my project. thanks

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