Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Scholarships: How to find them and what to do?

Receiving a scholarship is any student’s dream. A scholarship means being able to study in a new country, a new environment and at the same time you are ensuring that your education is of the highest quality.
Everyone will tell you that getting a scholarship takes a lot of dedication and the interview process is very hard and competitive. You will be competing with the best students from all over the country.
In order to be one step ahead it is important to organize yourself well and to be prepared. The best way to prepare yourself is to know exactly when the closing dates are for the particular scholarship you want to apply for.
And before you even apply you need to ask yourself why you are applying and why you want to pursue that particular scholarship. During the interview process they will certainly ask you the reasons for applying. Be prepared! Ask yourself many questions and have your answers ready before you send off your application.
The more time you have to get ready the higher your chances of succeeding!

Most scholarship applications will ask you to send your CV, fill in an application form and write a short piece about yourself, your ambitions and the reasons for your applications.
Remember, that there are thousands of applicants sending in their papers so you must make sure that you stand out from the others.
How to do this?
1-Give yourself enough time to draft the article about yourself.
2-List all the things that you believe you have achieved.
3-Divide these into the things that you believe most other applicants have achieved and the things that you may have done that are very different, such as helping in an orphanage, or creating your own website…
4-Now you have a basis to write an interesting article about yourself. Write about your character, your goals and don’t forget to explain the things that you have done that make you stand out.

Your application will be your first and most crucial chance at winning a scholarship. Take your time in filling in the forms, checking your CV and making sure that you have no spelling mistakes.
If you have been one of the lucky ones to reach the interview stages then another big hurdle awaits you. Your written and test scores have past all expectations but your ability to perform well in front of three to four strangers watching and listening to your intently is another matter. Don’t worry, there are certain things you can do to make sure you have the highest chance of success.
Be confident when you walk into the room and make sure you make eye contact with each person. As well as eye contact, smile! Smiling will make you more at ease and will make the interviewers more ready to listen to you and warm to you. Although you must remain confident, do not be cocky and show them that you have been reflective before you have answered their questions. They will not expect you to recite some thing by heart and they might ask you some trick questions or questions unrelated to the subject matter. Do not stress! Take your time in answering and remember: smile, be warm and look at them when you speak.
With these short tips, we hope that you can work your way to successfully winning a scholarship.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Advantages Of Keeping Good Friends

In this world, most people have friends. Nobody can live without friends because friendship is very valuable. If you don't have friends, it just means that you are in the loneliness. Actually, making friends is not difficult. You have to remember that most people are happy to be friend with you, so just keep smiling, then you will make a lot of friends. For me, the person I'd like to make friend with is the person who is kind, honest, funny and friendly. I really like someone who I can talk with easily, especially the person who always tells me jokes. That person should be a funny person, so he or she can become my close friend quickly. I also like someone who likes asking me a few fairly straight forward questions. Sometimes it is good when people are direct. To find good friends, it not too difficult. You'd better understand that when you do something good to your friends, then your friends will do something good to you back. And you know, good friends can help you a lot. When you are not sure about the lessons, you can make a discussion with them. You can choose some kinds of discussion friends who are creative and level-headed people. All those people gibe you some great advice. To exchange ideas while you are studying is a perfect way to find the solutions. Good friends also help you when have problems with family or other friends. When you are in a bad situation, you need someone who you can talk with then you have to think about your close friends first. They are the people we recognize how much sadness you've got. And you will feel relieved after telling them. Keeping the sorrow in your heart is not good. You can have stress and feel unhappy most of the time. After that you become lonely and moody. Your character changes faster, so please speak it out to your friends. Don't be shy and you must think that your friends always stay with you whenever you need them. They will always be waiting for you to solve all those problems, which happen in your life. One better thing that good friends can do is making you happy. They are glad to go for walks with you. They keep you feeling warm and staying away from loneliness. So hanging out with some friends at the weekend is fun, yet you have to choose the right places to go. I mean you should go to places where you can be safe. These are good things you can get from your good friends, so believe me whenever you stay with your friends, you will get happiness.

The Most Important Reason For Getting An Education

Education is the very first thing for human beings who wish to lead a better life and look back to the past years with proud memories in the evening of their lives. It's too deep than the depth of the monstrous oceans, as high as the mountain Everest in Nepal, and as bright as the sunshine in the morning. It's the most precious diamond that would be available any where for those who seek it, but it's a sparkling stone that is buried in the multiple cheap rock and hides itself from those who have a golden opportunity to walk past it without a bit of interest.

Life on this earth is a very difficult and complicated concern that it can't continue to grow more sprouts out of its flowers without meeting Santan birds who were born only to destroy the very first yellow-green grown beginning-to-life of the life-tree. They are willing to harm and shed the very last drop of blood from the life-tree only for their own sakes. It doesn't matter if the life-tree kneels down to ground and asks for mercy from them, they would never listen. They would properly self-proclaim to the world that they are masters of the universe, the almighty god, and the most powerful kings who were worth to be worshipped. Their natures are violent, jealous, and greedy. They think they are better then anyone, but as a matter of fact they are not what they are thinking. They are just like birds who would naturally be shot by the farmers anytime these farmers are well aware of their presents to cook for their last session of the day if the life-tree stands up and solves the problems squarely rather that to put itself down to the dirty surface of the ground and ask for forgiveness from heartless birds even when it does nothing wrong. This bravery of the life tree is generated from the base of education. Education would teach this life-tree without any conditions if it asked the education what to do and promised to be patient and followed what it is taught. All of this story, it is just like the life that all of us own one in our bodies. It is a life that is sensitive, weak, and likely to die at any struck of the second-clock hand. It needs to be watered, trained, and educated in a systematic period of time to be ready for the world. Those who walk pass the fields or plantations of the educational fruits, and vegetables and pick them up to eat their aroma mingling with sweetness elixir height from the moment they found them and ask then to be their friends would lead a better life than those who are friends of fruits and vegetables from the uneducated plantations. Even if the ways of the educated plantation are usually a bit hard-like-road-to-hell to walk, but they are full of delicious fruits and vegetables to perk them up every time they stumble down. The roads that are smooth like a way to the heaven about are rarely seen the fruits with sweet juice and vegetables with green leaves and most of the time end up by leading them to the gate of hell.

In the very last sentence to be written now, I would like to claim with my head up boastfully that education is every root to success for human beings. The most important and inanest part of it is not just to help us to have good jobs, and success, but it is sealed down into our minds, soul brains, and bodies to suggest, advise and judge "What's wrong and what's right." I am proud, really, to sit here and talk about education.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Over Population Causes The World Problems

The people are the human resource to develop a country, but they can cause the country in some cases. The people who are considered to be the human resource are these qualities and are well control by the government. In contrast, if the the population increases, the government cannot control them all and make them qualified, so this will not only affect the country but also cause several problems to the world.
First of all, over population causes the deforestation. When the population elevates, the people will need more places to live, so they will clear the forest to get more land, and then there will be many problems after the loss of trees such as the climate change, desertification, and disaster. There is no tree to absorb CO2 from the soil erosion.
Secondly, over population makes more poor people in the world. Because there are too many people, some of them don't have suitable place to live, and then they usually move from one place to another, and some sleep and stay along the streets. Moreover, the government cannot provide enough school and persuade all the people to to to school for education. As a result, the number of uneducated people will increase, and then they cannot find good job to earn money, so they will have financial problem in the family.
Thirdly, over population makes immigration in the world. Because some people cannot find a job or a place to fulfill their needs in their country, they will try to find other places outside, so they will start to move abroad. As a result, there will be more immigrants. These immigrants make chaos in other countries. Because not only they don't know the law of those countries but also they bring their culture there, so those countries will become multi-cultural.
In conclusion, over population causes many problems to the world through the effects of deforestation, the high rate of poor people and the increase in immigrants. To avoid these problems, we should limit the population by using various way of contraception to control the birth, so all people will be well controlled and educated and then they will make their country developed and the world will be developed as well.

Monday, April 7, 2008

How to Build up your Self Confidence

Have you ever felt nervous when talking to a stranger or a crowd? I believe more or less you have. One of the main causes is lack of confidence. The real challenge is how to boost your self-confidence for important circumstances such as when you will present your research paper, defend your thesis, go for a job interview or give a business presentation.
You may have prepared such items as a new suit, a brand-new belt, sufficient material, etc.
However, you may forget to prepare one critical thing that mainly contributes to your success: MINDSET.
How can a great-looking guy be well assessed while his mental attitude doesn’t go along with his appearance? What this is saying is what you haven’t prepared to be self-confident enough to “please” your audience. The good news is that this attribute can be practiced and developed with these simple steps:

1-Focus on what you want

This is what most of us neglect. While preparing for our turn, we spend time thinking of the negative things you may end up doing. Don’t worry about how people would react. They will judge you by the way you express yourself and keep positive about who you are.

2-Visualize your self succeeding

After taking three deep breaths, picture yourself with positive results. Everybody congratulating you. You handle all the questions asked by your audience. Usually this visualization brings on a smile, triggering our positive expectations.

3-Use alert signs

Psychologists affirm that, like animals, human beings are conditioned with some behaviors. For example, whenever you bring a dog a dish with food, your pet will look at the dish and salivate. De it again without food, the dog will keep mouthwatering at you dish! Why not do this with yourself? Try to use any sign meaning your self-confidence, like holding your hand tight or crossing your fingers.

4-Repeat positive autosuggestions

This technique is the easiest. Still, like other techniques, it needs exercising. Now try to say all these sentences and feel how they power you up:

-I am confident

-I can do it

-I am successful student/candidate/employee/businessperson

-I am enjoying brilliant results...

Don't just say or do it once; repeat it until you feel energy coming from inside you. Your own mind can be prepared like other items and even developed to its fullest by exercises or training.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Solar System's 'look-alike' found

BBC News
Almost 300 planets have now been found outside our Solar System
Astronomers have discovered a planetary system orbiting a distant star which looks much like our own.
They found two planets that were close matches for Jupiter and Saturn orbiting a star about half the size of our Sun.
Martin Dominik, from the St Andrews University, UK, said the finding suggested systems like our own could be much more common than we thought.
And he told a major meeting that astronomers were on the brink of finding many more of them.
The St Andrews researcher said this planetary system, and others like it, could host terrestrial planets like Earth. It was just a matter of time before such worlds were detected, he explained.
Dr Dominik told BBC News: "We found a system with two planets that take the roles of Jupiter and Saturn in our Solar System. These two planets have a similar mass ratio and similar orbital radius and a similar orbital period.
"It looks like this may have formed in a similar way to our Solar System. And if this is the case, it looks like [our] Solar System cannot be unique in the Universe. There should be other similar systems out there which could host terrestrial planets."
Dr Dominik presented his work at the Royal Astronomical Society's National Astronomy Meeting in Belfast.
Ultimate goal
The newfound planetary system, which orbits the star OGLE-2006-BLG-109L, is more compact than our own and is about five thousand light-years away.
Although nearly 300 extrasolar planets have been identified, astronomers have consistently failed to find planetary systems which resemble our own. Dr Dominik said only 10% of systems discovered so far are known to host more than one planet.
But he explained that all the techniques currently used to find exoplanets were strongly biased towards detecting gas giant planets orbiting at short distances from their parent stars.
The OGLE planets were found using a technique called gravitational micro-lensing, in which light from the faraway planets is bent and magnified by the gravity of a foreground object, in this case a another star.
"It's a kind of scaled-down version of our Solar System. The star the planets are orbiting is half as massive as the Sun and they orbit half as distant to their host star as Jupiter and Saturn orbit around the Sun," said Dr Dominik.
He said that the ultimate goal for exoplanet researchers was to find habitable Earth-like and Mars-like planets. This aim was achievable, he said, because technology was improving all the time.
"I think it will happen quite soon," he said, adding: "Micro-lensing can already go below Earth mass and it has detected more massive planets in the habitable zone. So in the next few years, we will see something really exciting."
Dr Dominik said there was competition between teams of astronomers using micro-lensing and those who favoured the transit technique, which seeks to detect new planets when, from our point of view, they pass directly in front of the parent star they are orbiting. The planet blocks a tiny fraction of the star's light, causing the star to periodically dim.
But he added that there was little chance to detect Earth-like worlds in OGLE-2006-BLG-109L because the system was too distant for current techniques to resolve planets the size of our own.

World Record

Oldest Stock Exchange
The Stock Exchange in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, was founded in 1602 for dealings in printed shares of the United East India Company of the Netherlands.

Largest Market Capitalization

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is the largest equities marketplace in the world and home to 3,025 companies worth more than US$16 trillion in global market capitalization.

Women Rule in China

China is creating the world's first "Woman Town" where women make all the decisions and disobedient men face punishments.
Chongging is to convert its Shuanggiao district into a Woman Town.
The slogan: "A woman never makes a mistake A man can never reject a woman's request" will be carved into the town gates.
"Construction will take around two years, and the place will become a very good destination for entertainment and relaxation," say Li Jigang, director of Shuanggiao district tourism bureau.
"We are drafting a township law stipulating how men should be punished and for what.
A disobedient man will be punished by being made to kneel on an uneven wooden board or wash dished in a restaurant."

U.S. bridges overused and under stress

Federal data show that nearly a quarter of the nation's bridges longer than 20 feet are categorized as "structurally deficient" or worse, including the Minnesota bridge now crumbled in the Mississippi River. Experts say a lack of money and leadership has resulted in many major bridges carrying more traffic than they were designed to bear.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Why I hate, drinking and drug addiction

In our life cycle, we have faced many problems which we have to solve and we have to avoid the bad things which are coming to us. For me, in my age and in my study, I really hate smoking drinking and drug addicting which are the evils to destroy my bright future.
I hate smoking because of some reasons.

Firstly, smoking can affect seriously not only the smokers, but also people around them. , As we know, cigarette is made of nicotine which is a chemical sustain used to kill insects and practiced. This causation can cause many diseases such as lung cancer, throat cancer, heart attack, and other diseases related to the breathing system. When smokers inhale the smoke from cigarette and exhale it to the environment, other people will take the second smoke which can damage their health like the smokers do. Moreover, we will waste a large amount of money comparing to our daily income. Many people think that cigarette is just like a material to decrease their boredom; therefore, they tried it one a day until twenty or more a day. Hence, they have to spend much more money to buy them.

Drinking is another topic to be considered. I absolutely don't like drinking because it can cause mental, physical and emotional illness. Surely, when we drink excess alcohol, we will see the bad symptoms like nausea, sweating, irritability, tremor, restlessness, hallucination, and also convulsion. These signals can make distorted perception which let us to behave improperly. For the long-period addicting, it causes the liver and stomach illness; moreover, our brain starts to be weaker and weaker. These worst results can gibe the bad influence to the study. For example, when we got drunk in the night before we go to study the next day we cannot study well because of hanging over. What's more, beer and wine today are moderately expensive, so we will waste a lot of time and money just for sitting and drinking alcohol.

The last point is drug addicting which is the most disgusting thing for me and for the whole society. Drug is like a chronic disease which can be fatal. Naturally, our bodies and mind are designed magnificently, but when we get addicted with drug, our brains are confused with the wrong data which is known as mental illness. For this problem, we have to spend long time to recover. Furthermore, without logical thinking. Whenever the drug users cannot afford the money the drug takes, they can do anything to get it either legally or illegally. Especially many crimes have occurred because of drugs. Being a student, if I go addicted to drug, I will go to a place called hell where my future is destroyed.

In conclusion, smoking, drinking, and drug addicting are the devils of the individuals, the society, and the world. Therefore, we, especially the adults, have not known about the dangers and not to try them, because we can be addicted. To solve these matters, we must join hands locally and internationally to combat them in order to make our world a perfect place to live.

Negative Influence of Foreign Cultures on Cambodia

Every country around the world has its own culture to represent the nation. People can notice each other or know where they are from and who they are because of the culture. Culture includes language, tradition, custom, dressing, and so on. Cambodia is also a country that has
its own culture, but this culture is not such pure as before because our culture, now, is coming with foreign cultures. Mixing culture is not good for each country. What are the negative influences of foreign cultures on Cambodian culture?
The first negative influence is our culture will not exist in the world any more. As we know that culture is practiced by people. If people don't use our culture and use foreign culture, our culture will be dead in one day. As we can see, the way people dress is in Khmer culture; there are no
jeans, no T-shirts; there are only simple trousers or dresses made form silk. But, now people wear jeans, T-shirts especially girls they like wearing tight jeans or short skirts that our culture doesn't allow to do like that. However, those are not completely their faults because they imitate
that style form foreigners because of flowing foreign culture into our country. As a result, foreign culture can kill our culture easily.
The second reason is people will confuse the culture and they will not know which our culture is. Today, people still know what our culture is, but twenty years later people will not know our culture because we never use it; we use only foreign culture. People who are born twenty years
later will not know our culture and they will wonder if we have our own culture or not and they also think we pulverize that culture from the other because they can see on TV, that other country has culture like ours.
The last point is people around the world will not know and admire our culture anymore. They all know us, Cambodians, because of our culture, language, custom, and dressing. In contrast, we, ourselves, forget our culture. We never use our language; we never wear Khmer dresses. Thus, how can they know we are Khmer and how can our culture still remain in the world. People use only foreign language and dress foreign style cloth and the way they act as if they were foreigners. In consequence, people around the world will forget our culture.
In conclusion, three negative influences of foreign cultures on Cambodian culture are Khmer culture will not remain in the world, people get confused about the culture, and people around the world will not know our nation anymore. Thus, as we are Khmer, we should try to keep our
culture alive arid describe our culture to our children or students to know our culture and remember it forever to tell from one person to another. Culture alive means nation alive; good culture means good nation and god leader. Thus we should take measure to protect our culture from flowing foreign cultures into our country.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Technology

From day to day, our world has been changed gradually form one condition to another. The revolution of new ideas always comes up to the minds of every person, especially the idea to improve technology which people need to make the living better. As the result, modern technology has been bringing people certain advantages such as ways for fast communication, the improvement of traveling, and good health care medical treatment. However, loneliness, world destruction weapons, pollution, and sameness of lifestyle are brought by modern technology, too.
For the plus side, we can get the fast ways of communication through modern technology, without it everything will be the same. Nowadays, people can get hot news from any parts of the world very quickly by using E-mail and Internet. Moreover, telephone-local or/and oversea is playing a key role for people to communicate to with each other.
Next, modern technology brings us the convenience of traveling form one place to the other faster than before. Now, we have aircraft that can make journey shorter, for example, before if you wanted to go to France (form Cambodia), you could not go by train or plane. But now people spend only 10 hours to travel from, Cambodia to France by direct flight these days. So, all transportation means invented with the support of technology really brings people easiness
of traveling.
Moreover, medical treatment has been going well for a long period of time with the help of modern technology. These days, most of the hospitals are using modern technology as the assistance for the operation, for example. Some doctors use new machines to produce medicine which effectively cures people and prolongs the life expectancy around the world. In addition, the discovery of x-ray enables doctors to treat some kinds of diseases.
However, modern technology doesn't automatically bring the good things but some bad points. The booming of industrialization and development causes pollution to our world. For example, the smoke for all kinds of vehicles affects the air, especially ozone layer. As the result, people suffer illness like cancers.
Next, some people use modern technology to create the negative things of the mankind. They create world destruction weapons such as nuclear and atomic bombs. These weapons cause a huge ruin for human beings if we use them in the wrong ways/ For example, the terrorists use grenades to attack honest people who have different tendency from their groups.
Furthermore, modern technology brings loneliness to old people in some countries. In England, old people are left at the government homes that make them feel isolated from their off-springs. This is because.their sons and daughters are busy with their
works in new world and forget them.
Last, sameness of lifestyle becomes to the mind of all people. Before people had different cultures and traditions like the way wearing the clothes or building. But people, now tend to build the same models of house and wear the same fashion of clothes.
To conclude, although modern technology brings us some goods benefits, it also gives a lot of bad results. So, to make our world prosperous, we should use the modern technology in the good ways and find the effective solutions to the bad result.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Robotic Hands

It has long been the dream of futurists and scientists alike to replace injured or severed limbs with robotic muscles. Part-organic, part-robotic organisms such as these are known as 'cyborgs', an abbreviation of 'Cybernetic Organism'.
Mr. Jesse Sullivan, an electrical engineer, lost both his arms when he suffered a high-voltage shock several years ago. He was subsequently given robotic arms developed by a research institute in Chicago becoming the world's first 'cyborg'
The arms read electrical signals transmitted through the nervous system from the brain.
"It moves as I think," explained Sullivan.

Robotic Eyes

Canadian Jens Naumann lost both eyes in an accident whilst still a youth, though be recently had them replaced by machines. The eyes of this machine do not work in the same way as our eyes, giving a picture which is equivalent to only 6% the quality of the normal human eye. Despite its limitation, 'cyborg vision' is useful in distinguishing between light and dark and recognising simple patterns.
Few can deny the potential benefits of this new frontier of technology.

Powered Suits

The military hardware known as the 'powered suit' appears in classic science fiction novel "Starship Troopers", where soldiers benefit from both the protection of armour plating, augmented mechanical muscles dozens of times the strength of humans and improved speed and agility. In the book, a single infantryman would be able to fight off a crowd of tanks single-handed.

With the release of the HAL-5 suit, manufactured by Japanese Tsukuba University, this fiction is a giant leap closer to reality. Although the suit is not designed for military use and the wearer cannot move quickly, users do have several times the strength of an average human. HAL-5 is targeted at people suffering illness of disabilities - even a lying patient can walk unimpaired in the HAL-5 suit, vastly improving quality of life. The team which researched and developed HAL-5 has also established the Cyberdyne manufacturing company which is hoped will begin mass production of this powered suit. Currently, the battery lasts for only 2 hours 40 minutes and involves carrying a bulky waistcoat weighing 23kg in weight, though it is hoped these problems will soon be ironed out.