Friday, April 11, 2008

Advantages Of Keeping Good Friends

In this world, most people have friends. Nobody can live without friends because friendship is very valuable. If you don't have friends, it just means that you are in the loneliness. Actually, making friends is not difficult. You have to remember that most people are happy to be friend with you, so just keep smiling, then you will make a lot of friends. For me, the person I'd like to make friend with is the person who is kind, honest, funny and friendly. I really like someone who I can talk with easily, especially the person who always tells me jokes. That person should be a funny person, so he or she can become my close friend quickly. I also like someone who likes asking me a few fairly straight forward questions. Sometimes it is good when people are direct. To find good friends, it not too difficult. You'd better understand that when you do something good to your friends, then your friends will do something good to you back. And you know, good friends can help you a lot. When you are not sure about the lessons, you can make a discussion with them. You can choose some kinds of discussion friends who are creative and level-headed people. All those people gibe you some great advice. To exchange ideas while you are studying is a perfect way to find the solutions. Good friends also help you when have problems with family or other friends. When you are in a bad situation, you need someone who you can talk with then you have to think about your close friends first. They are the people we recognize how much sadness you've got. And you will feel relieved after telling them. Keeping the sorrow in your heart is not good. You can have stress and feel unhappy most of the time. After that you become lonely and moody. Your character changes faster, so please speak it out to your friends. Don't be shy and you must think that your friends always stay with you whenever you need them. They will always be waiting for you to solve all those problems, which happen in your life. One better thing that good friends can do is making you happy. They are glad to go for walks with you. They keep you feeling warm and staying away from loneliness. So hanging out with some friends at the weekend is fun, yet you have to choose the right places to go. I mean you should go to places where you can be safe. These are good things you can get from your good friends, so believe me whenever you stay with your friends, you will get happiness.

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